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Benjamin's Story

Camping in Santa Barbara July 24, 2016 16:30

Last weekend we went camping in Los Padres national forest at the Lo Piedro campground. I liked the campground becuase it had a big site and plenty of privacy, but I had forgotten to see if there would be showers... and there were none. >
The weekend was a bit hot and dusty as well. In the daytime it was getting up to about 100 degrees.

We managed to do a walk from El Capitan beach to Refugio on Saturday, followed by a drive through wineries (and hunting Pokemon) around Solvang [more]

Having fun at the Pirate Festival June 15, 2014 23:40

Image page [Arrr.....]

We went to the Valejo Pirate Festival for Father's Day. It was a fun, silly time and I think Ben's going to dress up a bit more next year!

Making good on our Valentine's present May 20, 2014 23:30

Image page [Shot through the heart...]

Jeanette got us an archery lesson for Valentine's day. She's not only sexy, but creative, too. It was a lot of fun for the whole family! Ben loved it.

Mother's Day May 12, 2014 23:28

Image page [A nice photo with Mom on Mother's Day]

We tried to have a nice Mother's Day but were only mildly successful. We did find some nice wineries, including Taft, Merry Edwards, and Atascadero. Ben was a bit bored and the day wrapped up with me getting my finger slammed in a door. It was quite a day.

Leprechaun Battle Call March 17, 2014 22:28

Benjamin decided to make a Leprechaun trap and try to lure them into it with this voiceover.

The Leprechaun Trap March 17, 2014 20:42

Image page [The leprechaun trap]

Ben built a pretty cool leprechaun trap tonight. He's hoping to ask the leprechaun for one billion dollars. Good luck!

Milo's Corner

We will miss Milo June 08, 2015 23:31

Image page [A photo of Milo from this March]

Milo passed away today. Be will be much missed.

Milo 'teddy! May 29, 2009 00:02

Image page [Ben, Milo, and a Cookie]

Benjamin has taken over the task of giving Milo his treats when we leave the house. He e [more]

Milo at Rodeo Beach April 25, 2008 12:45

Image page [Milo at Sunset]

Here's a photo of Milo silouhetted on the beach. He's having fun in California, too!

Editor's Notes

Visitor Map July 29, 2011 00:10

Click on this button to see the visitor map for our site. Powered byIP2Lo... [more]

Seoul Metro Map March 05, 2009 15:58

I loved traveling the Metro in Seoul. Great for people watching and getting around. It w... [more]

In South Korea March 05, 2009 13:38

I was in South Korea for work. I spent most of the week in Seoul with a sidetrip to Inch... [more]

Archaeopteryx December 07, 2008 14:37

It was great to get the chance to see the Archaeopteryx fossil in the Berlin Natural Hist... [more]

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