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  Crusin' in AspenJuly 29, 2006 12:24
Image page[Mom and me near the Cascades at the Grottos]
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Mom and me near the Cascades at the Grottos

Today we took a drive from the condo to Aspen over Independence Pass. The drive was pretty boring... I barely even got let out of the car, but the view from the top of the pass was pretty cool. I really wanted to go over the side, but dad wouldn't let me for some reason.

We walked around Aspen for a while. I took a dip in an interesting channel that was cut to guide runoff through the main square. We also violated the leash law for a while so that I could get some exercise in a park. I looked really good doing my tricks... I know because there were a few people watching. It was too hot to really do much though.

On the way back home, we stopped at the Grottos. I got to play in the river a bunch of times and had to work really hard in a couple of places to avoid the current. The rocks were pretty slippery, too. It was fun, though. We did hear from some other people that it's way warmer up there than it usually is in the summer. It sure would make nice camping weather, though!

  Sad Cow in AspenJuly 29, 2006 11:30
Image page[Sad Cow Milo]
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Sad Cow Milo

Here's another photo of me at the Grottos. Mom liked it because she calls it my 'Sad Cow' look. I was sad... I wanted back in the water!

  Pitkin Lake hike, VailJuly 24, 2006 11:53
Image page[Milo and Friends on the Pitkin Lake hike]
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Milo and Friends on the Pitkin Lake hike

Yesterday we went on a hike in Vail with some friends. The wildflowers were out and there was lots of water coming down the falls. Unfortunately the flies and mosquitoes were out, too! The hike is about 5 miles one-way and 3000 ft of elevation. That was no problem for a tough dog like me! I was still pulling on my leash at the end of the day.

The best part was that when we got to the lake at the top, I got to go swimming. There were even some rainbow trout in there, but I decided not to catch any.

  South Willow Creek Falls near SilverthorneJuly 15, 2006 11:08
Image page[Milo and friends in front of S. Willow Creek falls]
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Milo and friends in front of S. Willow Creek falls

This weekend we did a nice moderate trail from Silverthorne to the South Willow Creek Falls. The hike was about 6 miles round trip and passes through glades, pine forest, across a couple of fun creeks, and finally ends with a climb up to some rushing falls where you can sit on the rocks right next to the water or even play in a couple of small pools next to the torrent. Just don't get flushed! That would be really bad for even your really energetic dog, like me!

The hike has quite a bit of up and down elevation change, so be prepared for the uphill parts on the way back.

We went with some nice friends, Steve and Andrea, and the best part about the top was that it was nice and cool.

  Fireworks are so LAMEJuly 05, 2006 21:32

So last year this thing called an electric transformer blew in our neighborhood and scared the socks off of me.  So now, whenever I hear something like fireworks, I can't wait to get back inside.  Dad was pretty annoyed that I didn't even want to go outside at night to answer the call of nature but heck... you think fireworks are natural?  Those things could kill a dog like me.  Even from 10 miles away.  I swear, I heard about this yorkie...

Anyway, so Dad has now done his best at positively encouraging me to go outside.  He makes it sound really fun and then once I'm out there, I'm kind of stuck.  It's not so bad, really, but these days I'm a lot more intent on getting back in the house... even though there are three cats ready to kick my butt inside!

  Jezebel in ActionJuly 01, 2006 06:54
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Here's a pretty typical picture of that gray cat, Jezebel, when she's ready to pounce.  Notice that her ears do a pretty good impression of horns.  Can you believe that these people make me put up with her day in and day out?  Seems like someone should call the ASPCA!

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