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  View KML Files

We've added the ability to view Google's KML files on your maps, too! Follow these steps:

  1. Add a new article
  2. Assign a coordinate for the article
  3. Upload the appropriate KML file
  4. Save and finish
  5. Click the 'Map this article' icon at the bottom of the article

You should see your KML file along with your coordinate that links back to your article!

Try it below (you'll need to zoom out to see the KML points).

  GeoRSS Now On YakJive

We've implemented the simple GeoRSS format. What the heck does that mean?

That means that whenever you enter coordinates for your articles, your RSS feeds will include those coordinates. There is an increasing number of RSS readers out there that will read your GeoRSS feeds and then put them on a map with clickable links back to your site.

Try this link for an example using the ACME GeoRSS Reader and a YakJive RSS feed!

If you want to read about the GeoRSS format we use, go here:

If you're interested in reading about the W3C geo RSS format, try this link:

Safe Software has a good discussion here: