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YakJive FAQ

Accessibility: YakJive Generated Websites

YakJive generated websites have a variety of features intended to make them more friendly... [more]

Add a Weather Map from WeatherBonk.Com

I just found a cool site called WeatherBonk that allows you to embed a map in a webpage s... [more]

Add a Yahoo Stock Tracking Widget

The things you can do on the web now will blow you away. You can now add a Yahoo stock t... [more]

Add an address and map your article

You've possibly noticed before that you can enter address information for an article. Wel... [more]

Anti-spam Devices

Indeed, after some heinous, profane spam, we've implemented some tools that will hopefull... [more]

Can I point www.mydomain.com at my YakJive account?

Absolutely. The best way to do this is to use a service like GoDaddy.com, a great low cos... [more]

Can you give me help with HTML or CSS?

Unfortunately, we don't have a ton of time to help out with HTML and CSS for you site. Ho... [more]

FRAPPR maps on YakJive

Frappr is a map-based social networking tool. It's easy to add a Frappr map to your Ya... [more]

Free Electronic Greeting Cards for Every Site

So you're asking yourself... did I read that right? Yes! You did. We're now offering fr... [more]

GeoRSS - Location and Syndication Feeds

We happen to be geospatial hobbyists at YakJive. We've watched the industry and added the... [more]

Editor's Notes

Site Setup Wizard

I'll be really interested to see if any new users take advantage of the site setup wizard. If a user approaches YakJive wanting to write about someting... it shouldn't get much easier to set up a site and get going.
Now on to make more cool styles!

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