About YakJive.com

About YakJive.com

Welcome to YakJive.com!

YakJive.com offers you the ability to post, organize, and manage articles on the web. Articles can be about your hobbies, your pets, your kids, your club... get the picture? We offer a variety of user-friendly tools that allow you to add information to your website and keep it up-to-date without having to worry about editing HTML or even knowing very much about the Web at all!

At YakJive, our mission is to become the best place on the Internet to tell the world about your life. Use YakJive to create a family newspaper, a small business website, or a newsletter page for a nonprofit organization. Our tools let you easily build a site, add your articles and content, and even choose from a variety of free styles to help customize the look-and-feel of your pages.

The best part is... all of this is FREE. That's right. For our basic users, we offer 30Mb of free space, a fully functional site building interface, and even some goodies such as autogeneration of XML sitemaps for use with search engines like Google. We want to help you add content to the web, but we also want to make sure that it's easily found out there, too!

We want all this to be a fun and friendly experience for you. If "Mom" can't figure out how to add her recipes or shelf building tips, then we want to know what we can do to help make it easier for mom to do so!

During our BETA, or testing, period, we'll be sending out some invitation codes to friends and family to give the site a spin. If you've found us on the web and really, really want to give us a try, contact us and request an invite code. We'll send one right out.

Thanks for giving YakJive.com a test drive. We hope you have lots to contribute!

The YakJive.com name, all associated source code, workflow, logos, and images are wholly owned properties of News Community, LLC. All rights reserved.